The Village of Winston Park, Phases II, III, V


We were initially involved in the second phase addition which was two floors with a gross floor area of 58,000 square feet. Soon after, we designed a third phase addition that housed limited care and seniors apartments. This addition was six stories with a gross floor area of about 65000 square feet. A fourth addition was added which is a one storey retirement wing. Numerous smaller additions and renovations have occurred over the last fifteen years.

The fifth phase is a 5 storey, 59,000 sq. ft. concrete structure. Provisions were made for possible future floor expansion of the structure, including reinforcing extensions with cap details and analysis and preliminary design of the larger structure. The new building is tied to the existing buildings through a steel framed link structure. Unique construction staging was required to provide a new electrical control room without interrupting power to the existing structure.


Cornerstone Architecture


Phase V: VanDel Construction


Under Construction

Approximate Value: 

The Village of Winston Park
The Village of Winston Park
The Village of Winston Park
The Village of Winston Park

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