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The Village of Winston Park, Phases II, III, V

Residential, Institutional

We were initially involved in the second phase addition which was two floors with a gross floor area of 58,000 square feet. Soon after, we designed a third phase addition that housed limited care and seniors apartments. This addition was six stories with a gross floor area of about 65,000 square feet. A fourth addition was added which is a one storey retirement wing. Numerous smaller additions and renovations have also occurred over the last fifteen years.

The fifth phase is an 8 storey, 94,500 sq. ft. concrete structure. The new building is tied to the existing buildings through a steel framed link structure to enable expansion between the two structures. Unique foundation wall design and early construction staging was required to provide a new electrical transformer and control room without interrupting power to the existing structure.


Cornerstone Architecture


Phase V: VanDel Construction


Under Construction

Approximate Value: 

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