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The Village of Glendale Crossing, Phase I and II


Glendale Crossing is a multi-structure long term care and retirement residence in London, ON. Gray & Fick has been involved in both Phase I and II of the facility. Phase I is a 123,000 sq ft, three storey structure housing long term care and related services split into two wings and a central main street. The structural system consists of precast hollowcore concrete floors, masonry shear walls, steel bearing lines, and conventional cast in place concrete foundations. Main street uses light timber framing and roof trusses, which enable the central skylight to provide excellent light to the corridor and café, library, and chapel.

Phase II of Glendale Crossing consists of a 300,000 sq ft, eight storey structure providing 177 new retirement home units and 50 seniors apartments. This building also uses precast hollowcore concrete floors, this time paired with cast in place concrete shear walls using insulated concrete forms and steel beams and deltabeams. Underground parking was accommodated by orienting beams across the central corridor. The signature “Town Square” is being built using steel framing, allowing for a large, open atrium centered around dining, a library, and a café and providing a strong sense of community for the residents.


Phase I & II: Cornerstone Architecture


Phase I & II: VanDel Construction


Phase I: 2010
Phase II: Under Construction

Approximate Value: 

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