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Welcome to Osman Muaz!

Gray & Fick wants to warmly welcome our newest team member, Osman.

We are very happy to announce that Osman Muaz has joined the Gray & Fick team this week! Osman joins us as a designer who will also be undertaking drafting assignments for both his own and other designs. He has experience with both drafting and design of water, municipal, and wastewater infrastructure from his past employments at AECOM and Ledcor. His combined drafting/design background is courtesy of completing education in both Algonquin College's Architectural Technology program and Carleton University's Civil Engineering program. This combined experience of both drafting and design will enable him to bring his own designs to paper, and from there to reality.

Fun Fact: Osman also trained in security services and worked for Brinks Security for 7 years before launching his engineering career.

Thank you for joining our team, Osman. We are excited to see your skills in action and to help guide you through your ongoing development!


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