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Project Spotlight: The Village of Winston Park

In this week’s spotlight, we have The Village of Winston Park! This long-term care home was constructed in 5 phases, with the 5th phase under construction as we speak!

Gray & Fick were initially involved in the second phase addition which is a two-storey structure with a gross floor area of 58,000 square feet. The structure is comprised of a sloped steel roof and steel joists on masonry bearing walls.

Soon after, we designed a third phase addition that houses limited care and seniors’ apartments. This addition is six storeys with a gross floor area of about 65,000 square feet. The structure is comprised of a precast floor and precast roof on masonry bearing walls.

The fourth phase is a one storey retirement wing with a gross floor area of 18,000 square feet, comprised of wood framed walls and a trussed roof. Numerous smaller additions and renovations have also occurred over the last fifteen years.

The fifth and largest phase, now undergoing construction, is an eight storey, 94,500 sq. ft. comprised of precast bearing, concrete bearing, and shear walls. The new building is tied to the existing buildings through a steel framed link structure to enable expansion between the two structures. Unique foundation wall design and early construction staging was required to provide a new electrical transformer and control room without interrupting power to the existing structure. The original plan was to construct a five storey building with the ability to add on three floors at a later date. Some design considerations such as having two separate elevator shafts side by side were incorporated so that one elevator could be extended while keeping the other in operation. The full eight storey structure got the go-ahead mid-construction and all 8 floors are now built!

Architect: Cornerstone Architecture

Contractor: Phase V: VanDel Construction


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