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Pink Shirt Day 2022

Today the Gray & Fick team wears PINK to celebrate Pink Shirt Day.

To tie in this year’s theme we are lifting up each of our core values that promote kindness and anti-bullying in our office.

The 2022 theme of Pink Shirt Day is Lift Each Other Up”

Embracing and celebrating our diversity has never been more important. Our last book club discussion on the Culture Code by Daniel Coyle demonstrated the importance of building safety, sharing vulnerabilities, and establishing purpose. Maintaining a healthy and thriving culture in the office and beyond is essential to upholding our core values.

Gray & Fick is a team made up of individuals, all of whom are unique. We all come from different backgrounds, and every one of us brings unique views, experiences, and ideas to the table. We work hard to ensure that everyone has a voice at the table.

We believe that everyone we interact with should be comfortable, feel safe, and be heard when interacting with us. We continue working to build our culture of inclusion and equity by supporting and developing the voices of our employees so that each and everyone one of us feels valued and included as members of our team.

“Pink Shirt Day aims to raise awareness of these issues, as well as raise funds to support programs that foster children’s healthy self-esteem.” -

The history of Pink Shirt Day started with two Grade 12 students who witnessed a Grade 9 boy being bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school. The two older students decided they would wear pink the next day, encouraged their friends and classmates to do the same, and bought 50 pink shirts to hand out at school. Inspired by this act of kindness in Nova Scotia in 2007, countries across the globe now organize anti-bullying fundraisers and awareness campaigns of their own and wear pink to stand together and stand up against bullying.

This year the Gray & Fick team is sporting pink shirts from CKNW’s Kid’s Fund Pink Shirt Day. Not only does this day spread a little bit of kindness (and pink) around the world, it also raises funds to support various programs and charities. Since 2008, net proceeds of over $2.25 million have been distributed by CKNW Kids’ Fund to support anti-bullying programs in Canada.

What can you do to participate in Pink Shirt Day?

  • Proudly wear a pink shirt on the last Wednesday every February

  • Use hashtags #PinkShirtDay and #LiftEachOtherUp and spread awareness on social media platforms

  • Buy a shirt or donate to or other local groups that fund anti-bullying initiatives

  • Celebrate diversity and start a conversation about inclusion and allyship


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