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LIFE*SPIN Christmas Sponsorship 2019

Gray & Fick has partnered with LIFE*SPIN to help disadvantaged families in the London area celebrate a Merry Christmas.

We at Gray & Fick are very fortunate to surround ourselves with amazing clients, colleagues and family. Engrained into our corporate paradigm is a sense of community, generosity, and charity. Lead by the initiative and vision of Mr. Bill Fick, we believe that it is our moral responsibility to contribute to charities in need of our support.

This year, Gray & Fick have partnered with LIFE*SPIN to sponsor families in need of assistance this holiday season. With the help of their amazing donors, LIFE*SPIN was able to sponsor 1300 local families last year who have been impacted by tough economic times.

We wanted to challenge those of you enjoying an abundant holiday season to step forward and make a difference. Find a local cause that speaks to you and donate your time, money or gently used goods. If sponsoring a local family this holiday season is a cause that resonate with you, we recommend partnering with LIFE*SPIN to sponsor your own family. If you would like to make a financial contribution to this cause but would like the staff at Gray & Fick to execute on the gift giving, we would be glad to act on your behalf to gather and assemble the hampers. If you are interested in more information on LIFE*SPIN, click here.

Gray & Fick would like to wish you a warm, happy, and abundant holiday season.

“This program is critical for the young children who are impacted by the loss of income that leaves their parents struggling to provide even the most basic needs of shelter and food.”


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