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Happy Retirement Dave!

It is with mixed emotions that we celebrate Dave’s retirement this week!

On one hand, I am happy for him taking this next step in his life and begin to truly enjoy the fruits of his labour. It is well deserved, Dave. On the other hand, we will all miss you in the office.

Dave started with Gray & Fick in 2010 and instantly brought a level of professionalism to whatever he was doing. He took over as our lead construction tech for our major projects and transformed the structure of the position to where we needed it to be. As our projects became larger and more complex, his organization of the documentation helped us maintain order and the ability to have others step in to help when required.

Dave was also a force on site, ensuring our design intent was followed and he kept the contractors accountable to the work and the level of quality the owner expected. This gave us great relief to know we had such a professional looking after this phase of the project. Trying to replace this will be difficult but the benchmark he set will be something our teams will strive for knowing this to be the level of competency and dedication that we have come to expect.

It was always enjoyable having discussions with Dave about his weekend. He loves talking about his latest antique find, working on his landscaping and ponds or playing with the racoons and skunks. There were other stories about him hurting himself and falling into the ponds which were always good for a laugh. Those stories will be truly missed.

After announcing his retirement, we received a few messages from people who worked with Dave on site. Many of them spoke to his integrity, professionalism, and ability to be firm when needed to uphold the quality of the work and of course his playful humour. These qualities attested speak directly to Dave’s character and the values we, as an organization, aspire to have. Thanks, Dave, for your dedication to the craft, your professionalism during the daily grind and most importantly, your friendship. That will carry on regardless.

A note from Dave:

“To all of my friends and associates,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement at the end of this year. This decision was not an easy one!

The past 12 years have indeed been an incredible end to a 40 + year career in the construction industry. As with any great employment, it's hard to leave your friends and associates behind. We spend so much time with the people and teams we’ve come to know, and although I will be sad to depart, I am also excited to enter this new stage in my life.

As I recount the people, projects and experiences, I feel very privileged to have worked with this team of professionals. You have provided me with lasting memories that could never be replaced. For that, I thank you all!

My time here has been, by far, the most enjoyable. I am so grateful for Bill Fick and the entire team at Gray and Fick for making it fun and providing an environment that made it a pleasure to come into work. You have been my friends and family and I will truly miss all of you.

To each of you, I wish only the best!

Most sincerely,

Dave Davis


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