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Hallowe'en 2022

Did someone say Trick or Treat?

This week started off a bit spooky for Gray & Fick employees! From circus performers, a bear, Dr. Strange, a cowboy, a shark, and many more, the office was filled with characters today!

We had lots of laughs with some scarily fun games and trivia, a kick-off to our fundraising for the year and a jack-o-lantern contest.

Congratulations go to Andrew (our newest and apparently spookiest employee) who won the second annual Spooky Games Trophy, to Andrew, Cassidy, and Suzie who tied best costume (Kepler the Shark was a close second) and Rachel for best pumpkin carving!

Be sure to check out all of the costumes and have a fun and safe Hallowe'en! Who would you vote for?


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