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G&F Golf Tournament

Gray & Fick hit the links in the age of social distancing and COVID-19.

What do you get when you take a structural engineering company to a golf course? The answer may surprise you... or it may not if you've ever seen most of us swing a golf club! A few G&F team members are avid golfers, and wanted to introduce the rest of the team to the sport. It can be very relaxing and good for building bonds whether you're new, experienced, or somewhere in between since it provides a nice pace of play and time to chat and get to know each other better. On top of all that, it is a game that is easy to keep socially distanced while playing since it's outdoors, and you definitely don't want to be too close to each other swinging!

We hit up East Park here in London, ON for a round of golf using best ball rules to ensure everyone could keep up and enjoy the game. The one caveat was that each team had to choose at least 3 drives from each player throughout the day. Team Travis (Travis, Osman, and Taylor) teed off first, followed close behind by Team Bill (Bill, Suzy, Trevor, and Dylan). Team Steve (Steve, Dave, Rick, and Corey) played cleanup and kept us motoring along.

It was a great day for golf, with lovely weather, little wind, and no rain. Everyone had a few nice drives in and it was awesome when a team drained a long putt, but it had to come to an end (after almost 6 hours). Team Steve won the day with a score of 70 (+8), followed by Team Bill at 75 (+13) and Team Travis at 79 (+17). It was a great time, and we will have to follow up with a second round in the spring!


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