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Blood Drive - March 2022

Gray & Fick started the month off with a blood donation!

9 team members headed to Canadian Blood Services Donor Clinic in London, ON for our first donation of 2022. Canadian Blood Services works hard to ensure Canadians have reliable access to safe, high-quality blood. They also drive world-class innovation and research in blood transfusion, transplantation, and more.

Over the past 20 years, approximately 5 million patients have received blood transfusion, which remains the most common medical intervention in a hospital setting.

Today, the team donated whole blood which will then be separated into two main components:

  • Red blood cells carry oxygen to organs and tissues and are used during emergencies and surgeries.

  • Plasma contains many of the body's proteins that help fight infection and help clotting. Plasma donations are used to treat patients who have weak immune systems and in emergency trauma situations with patients who have lost large amounts of blood.


If you are interested in giving blood yourself, donations have never been easier! To find a nearby donation site visit or call 1-888-2-DONATE (1 888 236-6283). Appointments are required to donate at this time, but it's just a call or click away!


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