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8 Days of Core Values: Day 8

We'll be looking in more depth at one of Gray & Fick's core values: Investing in one another's growth.

Contributing to the betterment of our communities

Human beings are not static and unchanging, but instead grow and develop throughout our entire lives. Each and every one of us at Gray & Fick is an individual who is constantly learning, growing, and changing, and our team as a whole constantly grows as each of us changes as well. We are all capable of growing by ourselves, but it is so much more powerful when we can support and encourage one another's growth. Working together to improve allows us to grow as individuals and as a team, whether that involves upgrading skills, deepening emotional understanding, or working on personal and group philosophies. More experienced team members can help their less experienced teammates learn while also benefiting from their fresh, new views on topics. Growth together can be much more beneficial than growth alone, and can help us grow faster and with deeper reflection on what is changing while also providing more viewpoints and discussion on the growth taking place. Taking the time to help each other allows all of us to reflect, change, and grow personally, professionally, and as a team.


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