8 Days of Core Values: Day 5

We'll be looking in more depth at one of Gray & Fick's core values: Cultivating greatness while practicing humility.

Contributing to the betterment of our communities

Our team is filled with amazing people that have gathered together over a number of years. This has resulted in a team with not only sharp skills, but great personalities as well who are able to work together closely. The whole team has developed this culture of bonding and greatness over the years and regularly work to keep it going forward. Everyone has different backgrounds, and everyone brings these experiences to better the group. We all have something to learn and gain, and as more great people gather, we are able to share these experiences amongst ourselves, bettering everyone and the team as a whole. Attracting great people, great concepts, and great companies to work with is central to Gray & Fick, and we want to continue gathering greatness around us.

At the same time, things are constantly changing in the world and in our industry, and we need to continue working at it to stay great. Our work is critically important to public safety, and we also need to always remain aware that, while we may be great, we are fallible. Regular review, quality control checks, and more are critical to ensuring that our structures remain safe for use. We also need to remain humble of our abilities and recognize that we need to regularly reflect, learn, and grow as individuals and as a team in order to provide safe and efficient designs to the built environment.


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