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8 Days of Core Values: Day 4

We'll be looking in more depth at one of Gray & Fick's core values: Respecting the balance of work, play, and rest.

Contributing to the betterment of our communities

Work-life balance is critical to ensuring that we are not only working well, but also enjoying ourselves at work and at home. Engineering can be stressful and serious work at the best of times, and we work hard to ensure that our structures are safe and efficient. Keeping a balance between work, play, and rest is critical to ensuring that our team is able to perform at a high level and keep the public safe. Keeping this balance can involve something as simple as people checking on each other at the end of day to make sure we all go home at a reasonable time all the way to introducing work from home technology to provide more flexibility for people who aren't feeling well, are snowed in, or have children to take care of. We recognize not only how much we lean on each other, but that we need to build our bonds away from work whether it be through trivia, ping pong games, poker, blood drives, or simply gathering and chatting around food. Staying fresh and alert is critically important both to keeping healthy and to working effectively and ensuring public safety. Part of that means we need to take time away from work, not only to rest and reflect, but to enjoy our lives outside these walls. We respect that we all need breaks and we strive to leave everyone be during their time off. A healthy, happy team leads to not only to more efficient projects, but safer projects too.


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