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The Village at University Gates, Phase I & II

Residential, Institutional

University Gates is a long term care and retirement residence in Waterloo, ON that consists of multiple interconnected buildings. Gray & Fick has been involved in both the first and second phases of the facility. Phase I is a three storey, 153,000 sq ft structure housing primarily long term care and supporting services. This structure consists of precast hollowcore concrete floors supported by steel bearing lines and masonry shear walls. The central main street of the structure uses cold formed steel stud bearing walls that support cold formed steel roof trusses, allowing for a large central skylight that provides natural illumination to the area.

University Gates also features the 5 storey, steel framed Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Aging. This building is the home of the Research Institute for Aging, which is a partnership between Schlegel Villages, Conestoga College, and the University of Waterloo to research seniors care and promote and improve health outcomes for seniors. This building is fully connected to the surrounding structures, enabling full integration of learning, research, and social spaces for residents, researchers, and students.

Phase II of University Gates is a ten storey, 320,000 sq ft that provides independent seniors apartments, assisted care, and retirement suites. This building also uses precast hollowcore concrete floors, which are supported by cast-in-place concrete shear walls and steel beams and deltabeams. Exterior concrete walls were constructed using insulated concrete forms (ICF), which remain in place following construction for improved insulation of the building. Underground parking was achieved by orienting beams across the central corridor, allowing for numerous parking spaces. The signature “Town Square” was constructed using conventional steel framing supporting steel and hollowcore roofs, allowing for a large open central atrium centred around dining, a café, and a library, all of which serve to strength the already strong sense of community for the residents.


Cornerstone Architecture


Phase I & II: VanDel Construction


Phase I: 2015
Phase II: 2020

Approximate Value: 

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