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Gray & Fick boasts years of experience working in Canada’s Arctic. Our dedicated professionals understand northern construction practices and the challenges of working on permafrost and in the arctic climate. Our staff have been involved in projects on a wide range of building classifications including industrial, institutional, commercial, residential, and educational. We have been part of projects teams in virtually every northern communities from Iqaluit, NU to Grise Fiord, NU.

Our designs for northern communities use building practices that are targeted at local Inuit workers. We bring to the design team the experience in the arctic to specify types of construction that will support local industries, utilize native materials such as local aggregates, and can be constructed with the local workforce. Effects on the local environment and community is always at the forefront of our design decisions as well. Gray & Fick’s experienced professionals understand the logistical challenges of northern construction and are well equipped to deliver complex projects on-time and on-budget.  

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